Friday, March 10, 2017

Parenting Pointers: Sears Home Services

I recently had a chance to learn more about Sears Hone Services and how they can help families.

What services does Sears Home Services offer?
Sears is the “House Expert for Homeowners” helping members manage and maintain their homes and a variety of products within their homes - from kitchen and laundry appliances to the utility room, plus fitness equipment, lawn mowers, and snow blowers. Our services and offerings include:
o   Appliance repair and maintenance and replacement parts
o   Home improvement services
o   Sears Protection Agreements and Sears Home Warranty Plans that help you avoid the high cost of unexpected repairs and replacements of appliances and major home systems
Sears provides a complete solution for homeowners, helping members purchase, service and replace their appliances. Sears Home Services has the largest fleet of services technicians in neighborhoods throughout the U.S., and Sears sells the top 10 appliance brands, including Kenmore.
What sets Sears Home Services apart from other appliance repair companies?
Sears is the “House Expert for Homeowners.” We have the experts, products and services to take care of your house so you can enjoy your home. As the nation’s No. 1 provider of appliance services, Sears Home Services has more than 6,000 technicians who repair more than 180 appliance brands – not just those sold by Sears.
With generations of home appliances and services industry experience, and nearly 7 million service calls annually, Sears Home Services is the trusted appliance repair and home improvement expert. We ensure our technicians have the right knowledge and parts to get the job done right on the first visit by tapping into our extensive database of historical repairs and outfitting our trucks with 260 appliance parts that are finely tuned to the types of repairs we see in your local market. Our use of technology also sets Sears Home Services apart from the competition. The GoToAssist Seeit technology enables master technicians to remotely see and diagnose problems to get appliances running again as quickly as possible.
What are the advantages of the GoToAssist Seeit technology?
When a major household appliance is broken, your home is broken – it disrupts your everyday routine. On top of that, no one enjoys taking time out of their busy schedules for their appliances to be repaired.
Sears Home Services has equipped our technicians with GoToAssist Seeit on their smartphones, which helps them fix appliances faster, and most of the time, in one visit, allowing members to get back to enjoying their homes.
Here’s how it works: If our technicians face an unusual appliance issue, they can now use their smartphones to show remote master Sears technicians exactly what they see via live video and high-res images. Then, they can receive step-by-step instructions from these master technicians to quickly complete the repair – all without leaving the customer's home. It’s like they have master technicians in their pockets on every service visit.
Homeowners who have had their appliances repaired by Sears Home Services technicians using GoToAssist Seeit:
·         Save time– Technicians have resolved appliance issues and shortened service appointments by as much as 40 minutes.
·         Gain access to functioning appliances faster – Technicians repaired significantly more existing appliances, meaning customers did not have to wait for replacement parts for a repair or replace their appliance altogether. The result: customers can keep the existing appliance they enjoy and are familiar using.

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