Saturday, March 25, 2017

Website Spotlight: Epic

April 1st is right around the corner and some light-hearted fun around home or the classroom can be a good thing when done in good taste and frankly, laughing is the best medicine. If you’re a parent or educator, what better time to have a little fun with your kids? Plus April Fool’s Day is actually a chance to maybe even learn a few new tricks (yes old dogs can!) too. 
Epic! the leading eBook platform for kids 12 and younger, curated a set of April Fool’s Day books that will leave kiddies in stitches (from laughing!) and chock full of pun and games.

Jokelopedia, Third Edition: The Biggest, Best, Silliest, Dumbest Joke Book Ever! by Eva Blank, Alison Benjamin, Rosanne Green

Pun and Games: Jokes, Riddles, Daffynitions, Tairy Fales, Rhymes, and More Word Play for Kids by Richard Lederer, Dave Morice, Illustrator - Dave Morice 

Pranklopedia: The Funniest, Grossest, Craziest, Not-Mean Pranks on the Planet! by Julie Winterbottom

Laff-O-Tronic School Jokes! by Michael Dahl , Illustrator - Daryll Collins 

Knock Knock, Moo Hoo? (and other silly animal jokes)  by Brenda Ponnay


Epic! is an unlimited eBook subscription service ($4.99/month and FREE for elementary school teachers and librarians) with the largest catalogue of high quality books from well known publishers that creates a unique and fun experience to get kids excited about reading.  Similar to Netflix, Epic! provides personalized reading recommendations based on age and interest and instant streaming. To date, over 20 million books per month are read by children across the nation.

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