Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Amazing Apps: McMoney

McMoney is a new app, developed by mobile services company CM, that lets users earn money by receiving text messages. Users with Android smartphones can download McMoney from the Google Play store and earn some extra money each month just for receiving text messages.

The text messages McMoney users receive, are test messages to verify the quality of SMS routes CM is using for its text services. For a lot of CM’s customers, it’s crucial their text messages are delivered within seconds. To verify this, CM has developed the McMoney app.

Smartphone users who download the app and are willing to receive text messages, are offered money by letting CM know that messages are delivered – if and when the message arrives, CM will automatically receive a status alert. That way, users can earn some extra money whilst CM has the ultimate test service for coverage of worldwide mobile networks.

McMoney users are not billed to receive text messages. The sole purpose for CM with the McMoney app is testing the quality and reach of the SMS routes for its customers. Users can disable the app if they choose not to receive any messages for a while. Payment to users is through Paypal.

Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO of CM: “We’ve developed the app and are paying end users to test our sms routes throughout the globe. There are alternative ways of testing routes, but these get whitelisted too soon, hence provide a biased view of real coverage and delivery rates. By using real smartphones from real people, testing is done in a proper way. To compensate people willing to test our services, we decided to reward them with money. They can earn up to 10 dollars per month.”

More information on the McMoney app:

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