Saturday, April 8, 2017

Book Nook: If You Tell Me, I Can Fly

I recently had a chance to review an inspirational book for kids that had a unique format - two different endings, one with a girl, and one with a boy. If You Tell Me, I Can Fly teaches children to have faith in themselves and respond to the encouragement of others. Using the metaphor of winged creatures who are learning to fly for the first time, it shows how sometimes it just takes some time and courage to accomplish great things.

This is a good book to read to instill positive messages about growing up and reaching new stages. It promotes self-confidence and following dreams, with beautiful illustrations and a positive message.

About The Author
Sharon Thayer also is author of The Myth of Santa’s Beard. She is a former teacher and owner of a nature-based childcare center who now is a full-time author of children’s books. As a child growing up in Rockford, Ill., Thayer’s attempts to read were stymied by dyslexia, but today she enjoys reading aloud and sharing her stories with children.

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