Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Book Nook: Quarter-Life Calling

We've heard of a midlife crisis, but what about a quarter-life calling? That's the foundation for a new book I got to review, Quarter-Life Calling: Pursuing Your God-Given Purpose in Your Twenties.

This is actually a very timely book. Most people in their twenties have recently finished education, recently become relatively independent, and recently found themselves expected to have some sort of plan for the future. But they also don't have a lot of life experience at that point.

Author Paul Sohn knows what he's writing about. He landed his dream job, but still felt empty during his twenties, missing some sort of meaning in his life. At 28, he traded his dream job and high salary for a more meaningful way of life.

Using Biblical insights and his own experience, Paul writes from the perspective of someone who did fall into the trap of seeking what the world desires. He's honest and knowledgeable, desiring to help others find their God-given purpose, whether or not it seems to be what the world would prioritize.

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