Thursday, April 6, 2017

Enriching Education: Crown House Publishing

I recently had a chance to review e-versions of several books from Crown House Publishing.

These were great books for me to review. I teach German, math, and music, so these were right up my alley.

I teach German to middle and high schoolers, and the first book is designed for primary French. However, I was easily able to adapt the games to German, and even though they're aimed at young students, they were a fun break for my older students too. The fun learning activities in the second book can be used for kids of all ages, sometimes with a little modification for the maturity or learning level of students, but they definitely have a lot of ideas that I will use in my classroom often.

Primary Maths sounds a little odd to us as Americans, since we abbreviate mathematics as a singular. This also was a little low for my primary teaching level. However, I also homeschool and was able to use that frame of reference while reading this book. I thought this book was really well-written, especially for teachers that are generally primary classroom teachers and need to beef up their strength in math. Whether or not you like math as a primary (or even early middle) school teacher, this book has a lot of creative ideas, new ideas that I hadn't tried yet and am eager to put more in practice, even for my middle schoolers.

The Little Book of Music was also good for me. Again, I'm not exactly the target audience - it's more how to use music in the classroom to improve memory, motivation, learning, and creativity. However, things that I do in my music classroom can tie in very well to things that the classroom teachers are doing, and I try to work with them to align some of what I work on with them. It not only gave me good ideas that I can use in my music class, but also ideas that I can share with the primary classroom teachers to help their students learn better, and be even better musicians with more musical exposure.

Crown Publishing is an independent publisher that has a variety of educational books available. If you're a teacher, want to help your kids strengthen a particularly area, or just want to learn something for adult enrichment, check out their online catalog to see even more of what they have available.

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