Friday, April 7, 2017

Pet Pointers: Tips for Aspiring Pet Owners – What to do Before You Bring Your New Dog Home:

You've been home for less than ten minutes and he's already managed to pee on the carpet, knock over the garbage, destroy your favorite pair of shoes and now he's looking for another belly rub! Your new dog comes with lots of responsibility and dedication that you didn't necessarily think about amid the excitement at the shelter as you adopted the staff and volunteers' favorite dog.

Before you bring your new dog home, there are a few things you should consider that can help you decide what dog would be the perfect fit for you and your family.I have a chance to post information from Aly DelaCoeur, leading pet expert and self-proclaimed "Human Trainer for Dogs" and founder of, to provide you with a few helpful tips for new pet owners.

  • Do Your Research
    It's important to do some research beforehand so you're fully prepared to be the best possible pet parent. Consider the different types of breeds, energy/activity levels, the amount of time and dedication your family can give, the costs that are associated with having a dog, etc. Take into consideration the size of the dog you want and if your surroundings are the perfect fit for that type of dog. Are there any laws or regulations on what type of dog is allowed to be in your community or your housing? These factors are crucial in the final decision on whether or not you're ready to make the jump to add another member to your family.
  • Pet-Proof Your House
    Make sure you're ready for your new dog by pet-proofing your house. Dogs can be very curious and often get themselves into things they shouldn't be. Put your shoes away, keep the garbage out of reach and hide anything that you think your new dog might want to chew on, for example: wires, wrappers, kid's toys, etc. It's important that you are extra cautious until your dog is comfortable in his or her new home.
  • Be The Boss
    Establish rules on day one and make sure everyone in the house is on board with them. It can be extremely helpful to write down these "doggy rules" so your family members don't forget. Some important rules to take into consideration are whether or not the dog is not allowed on the furniture, in your beds, who will feed the dog, how often and who is responsible for taking dog out potty, walks, etc. These rules should be decided from the beginnning and continued to be encouraged on a daily basis to ensure your new pet understands whats allowed and what isn't.
  • Educate Yourself
    I can't stress this one enough! Before you bring your dog home start doing research on behavior and even think about getting a trainer ready. You don't want to come into a situation and not know what to do – you want to be prepared. Especially for first time pet owners, there will be tons of questions and concerns. It's important to know you can go somewhere to ask unlimited questions and learn some helpful training tips and techniques on dog behavior every step of the way. Visit, a video-driven website devoted to delivering bite-sized tips and techniques that aim to provide insight for aspiring pet owners.
About Aly and Why Does My Dog

Leading pet expert, Aly DelaCoeur, holds a certificate in applied animal behavior through University of Washington and is a certified veterinary assistant, as well as an AKC evaluator. Aly's training method is based on positive reinforcement and extinction techniques. So to make it easy, wanted behavior is praised and rewarded, while unwanted behavior is avoided and deterred from. Aly is the founder of, a website dedicated to controlling the environment until the dog is ready to make their own smart choices. We set your furry family members up for success early on to allow them to do the right thing for praise.

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