Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Book Nook: Open in Case of Emergency

I recently had a chance to review a cute book about two very different neighbors, Open in Case of Emergency. In this book, Zachary J. Warthog receives a box that's labeled "Open in Case of Emergency." When he forgets something, he opens the box, and it's there! If something's lost, it's in the box. His neighbor Cyrus P. Rhinosaur has the same box. But when disaster happens, like losing something or even a tornado, he just figures there might be a bigger emergency and he had better save it.

Then the worst emergency of all happens - Zachary loses his emergency box! But now, there's no emergency box to open...

It's a cute book with a novel concept. Not only will kids enjoy the ending, but it also provides an insight into different personalities - those that treat everything like an emergency, and those who calmly find solutions to problems. The illustrations perfectly capture two old, comfortable neighbors who, although they're very different, get along well.

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