Friday, May 26, 2017

Parenting Pointers: Encourage Your Kids to Celebrate Graudation Safely

Graduation is a time to celebrate. But before your high school seniors begin their parties, take the time to talk with them about keeping events alcohol-free—it just may save a life. No amount of underage drinking is legal or safe. And we know that any underage drinking can lead to consuming too much alcohol, which can lead to poor decisions, alcohol overdose, and possibly death.
Even as high school students reach this milestone, they still need their parents’ guidance. Being a positive role model, talking to other parents and teens, supervising parties to make sure no alcohol is served, and supporting alcohol-free school celebrations can help prevent a life-changing mistake.
Be sure to tell graduates to play it safe and party right—and alcohol-free—at graduation. A well-deserved celebration shouldn’t end in tragedy.
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