Thursday, June 29, 2017

Book Nook: New Craft Books from Quarto Group

My daughter absolutely loves crafts, so I was very excited to be able to review four new titles from Quarto Group. These titles covered a variety of different craft aspects.

Of the four, this was my favorite for my daughter and myself. The prompts were doable for both parent and child, although sometimes I liked one side better, sometimes I liked the other side better, so we often switched back and forth. It was a great way for me to be able to do art with my daughter, especially since I am not as naturally creative as she is. The prompts gave me guidance, while still allowing me to be myself, and we had a lot of fun learning about each other while doing one of my daughter's favorite activities. The artwork from Bethany Robertson is fun to look at, while licensed art therapist Lacy Mucklow gives ways to communicate with children and make sure to get and give thoughtful responses.

This was my daughter's favorite. She had already been experimenting with fancy ways to write and draw letters, so she really took to this. The author goes through each letter of the alphabet, and then moves from there into different ways to arrange words so that they are aesthetically pleasing. I've already seen my daughter put into practice what she's been inspired to do with letters that she's written.

This one was just a little bit over where my daughter is at. Most of the stickers were fine for all ages, but there were a few that had slight innuendos that would be just fine for teens and adults, but not quite appropriate for someone as young as her. I let her use all the pages of completely blank stickers, but did pull out a few to use on letters to my own friends instead of letting her use. However, it was a fun book, and would make a great gift for the artistic teen or adult.

My daughter also loved this one. She really enjoyed imitating the alphabets that were in the book, as well as using them as a starting point to add her own flair. I loved that it also incorporated alphabets from other languages - since we speak German and have dabbled a little bit with Spanish and Norwegian, to see a book that also incorporates a variety of languages was a lot of fun.

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