Saturday, June 17, 2017

Enriching Education: Sneak life lessons into 9 activities your grandchildren will love

Post by Tracy Layden of alert1.
Grandkids staying for the weekend? Be their favorite grandparent by keeping them busy with activities they’ll love, no matter what their age. And just maybe you can help them learn some life skills along the way.
For ages 10 and under
For the little ones, focus on engaging their imagination.
·      Visit the local library. Help your grandkids get their very own library cards. They will delight in discovering the world of books, while secretly learning about responsibility and deadlines.  

·      Host a bake sale. Instill the spirit of entrepreneurship by hosting a bake sale. Help the kids make the family cookie recipe, set up a stand, and sell their baked goods for a dollar or two. Afterwards, go over the profits for a little lesson in smart money management.

·      Play dress-up. One of the most important life skills is to stay creative. Feed your grandkids’ imaginations with a dress-up party. Bring out your old clothes and costume jewelry for an afternoon of make-believe.  
For ages 10 and older
Once they’re older, you can start introducing your grandkids to the more cultured side of life. Nurture their growing personalities and appreciation for the world around them.
·      Watch old movies together. Rather than turning on the TV, bring out the classic old movies. Introduce your grandkids to Hollywood royalty like Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.  

·      Have a day out. Take your grandkids to the local theater or the newest art exhibit at your local museum. Debate your favorite moments from the show over dinner at a fancy restaurant afterwards.

·      Swap roles. Your grandkids know what’s up with the latest technology. Take a trip to the mall and let them walk you through all of the new gadgets in the Apple® store. Indulge their passions and take your turn learning something new.
For all ages
What to do if your grandkids are of all ages? Bring out the games. These activities are loved from ages four to 104.
·      Card game craziness. From Crazy 8’s to Gin Rummy, kids love card games and don’t play them enough these days. Introduce them to your favorite card game, and don’t try to hide your poker face. Your grandkids will love calling you out on all the times you “accidentally” mess up.

·      Board game pandemonium. Challenge your grandkids to a night of board game madness. Play all your favorite games like Cranium or Pictionary and check out the new offerings at your local game store. Don’t forget to have pizza for dinner to fuel the fun!

·      Scavenger hunt adventure. Get the family into the great outdoors with a scavenger hunt. Split up into teams and set a time limit to see which team can spot the most things beginning with the letter “T” in an hour.
Build lasting memories
Don’t let the memories of grandparent’s house to be one of boredom. Create magical moments that will last a lifetime. You know you’ve done your job when your grandkids don’t want to go home and ask to come back soon.

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