Thursday, June 15, 2017

Free Chicken Wings and Beer to New Users for Father's Day

The / Postmates Father's Day Index recently ranked the most dad-loving U.S. states and is awarding 10,000 dads with free chicken wings and beer all weekend long (

To conduct this study, the Postmates delivery app partnered with to ask 2,000 Americans how they plan to show dad some Father's Day love ( Which state residents "love" their dads most? ranked states based on the percentage of residents who plan to spend time in-person with their dad this Sunday.


Which U.S. States Love Their Dads Most?

#1: Delaware (92% plan to spend time with dad)
#2: Hawaii (90%)
#3: Minnesota (83%)
#4: Idaho (80%)
#5: Vermont (80%)
#6: Indiana (79%)
#7: West Virginia (78%)
#8: Michigan (76%)
#9: Ohio (76%)
#10: Louisiana (74%)
#11: Arizona (73%)
#12: North Carolina (72%)
#13: Kentucky (72%)
#14: Virginia (72%)
#15: New Jersey (71%)
#16: New York (70%)
#17: Illinois (70%)
#18: Maine (70%)
#19: Utah (69%)
#20: California (69%)

For more stats, including the full ranking and what dads really want for Father's Day, visit:

To encourage Americans to give their dads what they really want on Father's Day—quality time (and maybe a dad bod)—Postmates is delivering free chicken wings and beer to new users and their dads who download Postmates and order throughout Father's Day weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

1. Download the Postmates app by visiting:

2. Add any order of chicken wings and/or beer to your cart from your favorite local or chain restaurant

3. Use code DADROCKS to get it for free

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