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Motina Books - Book Publisher for Books by Moms

The founder of Motina Books realized that resources for single moms are few and far between.  Publisher, Diane Windsor, wants to change that.  That’s why she created Motina Books, whose tagline explains exactly what they do – We publish books by and for mothers; especially single mothers!“My goal is to publish books that will help families led by single moms to be successful,” says Windsor.  “Sometimes a person just needs to know that a tool, or a particular resource, is available that can help improve their life.”  
Windsor says, “There are not enough resources available to help single parents.  They face very specific challenges that differ greatly from parents who have a partner.”Windsor is very familiar with these challenges, having been a single mom herself.  Now, she leads a very large, active single parent support group in North Texas.  The group, Single Side Up (the single parent support program of, provides practical support to single parents, just like Motina Books does.  During the five years that she has been leading this group, Windsor has discovered that the most crucial topics for single parents are financial and legal. 

Motina Books isn’t afraid to tackle controversial topics.  The novella It’s Just Pot is the story about how a single mom faces the fact that her teenager has started smoking marijuana.  Upcoming releases included The Single Parent Money Philosophy and How to Choose the Right Attorney for YOU. 

“It’s very difficult today to be published traditionally.  That’s why I want to help moms tell their stories, and share their valuable wisdom,” states Windsor.  “There are no upfront costs to publish with us; we share the royalties when a book is sold.  And, we make sure that the author receives a very fair share.”
 I had a chance to interview Windsor to learn more. 
How did Motina Books get started?

I had been a single mother, and I knew that there were not many resources available.  Where can a single mom go to find information regarding her specific situations?  For example, single parents need to look at money differently than parents who have partners, or single people without kids. 

In 2011 I began working with a local non-profit that helps strengthen families, and through them I was able to start a support group for single parents.  Over the years, I’ve been able to learn from the group about topics that are very important to them. 

I’ve always loved to read, and I know that reading and writing go hand-in-hand.  I write some of the books published by Motina Books, and I publish books written by mothers and single mothers.  It’s my goal to give moms the opportunity to publish their stories with someone who really believes in them. 

I am also working with a lovely young lady, who is the sixteen-year-old daughter of a single mom.  She is in the process of writing a novel, and I am so thrilled to be helping her publish!  I have a really good feeling about this book; a best seller!

Why is it important to have a publisher specifically for mothers?

Having been a single mom for quite a few years, and even as a married mom, I was always looking for information on how to be a better parent, carve some extra time out of the day, save a few pennies, and provide tasty, healthy meals for my kiddoes. 

I believe that the best sources of this information is from moms who are already doing it!  Let’s share our own experiences, struggles, and successes with each other. 

In addition to books, we also provide a podcast that discusses topics that are important to mom (and single moms). 

What unique challenges to mothers, especially single mothers, have while publishing books?

Today, it’s almost impossible to publish books the traditional way.  The days of large advance checks and book tours are over, unless you’re Stephen King, of course! 

If you’ve decided that you would like to publish a book, there are several routes to take.  You can self-publish, which is what many authors do.  That’s fine, but just realize that you’ll probably need some help along the way.  You should hire an independent editor, formatter, and cover designer. 

Or, you can submit your work to an independent publisher (like Motina Books) who will usually work one of two ways.  They will charge you a flat fee to provide the services I mentioned.  This fee varies by publisher, of course, but I’ve typically seen charges around several thousand dollars.  That can be tough for many moms to afford!

Motina Books operates a little more like an old-school, traditional publisher.  We charge no upfront costs, but we share in the proceeds of the books when they sell. 

What tips do you have for aspiring authors who are also mothers?

Don’t be afraid.  If your dream has been to write a cookbook of organic, homemade baby food, then go for it!  If you have some wisdom to share, or a story to tell, there will be an audience who wants to read it. 

It’s important for an author to re-read their work, edit, and provide as final a manuscript as possible to the publisher.  We will certainly edit, provide an ISBN number, and format the books for e-book and print, but it really helps to have a good draft we can start working with.

Also, authors need to have a good social media presence established.  They should have a website, and active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  While publishers will help with some marketing efforts, authors must be willing to promote their work. 

Please visit to view available resources or to submit a manuscript.

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