Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Shopping Savings: Sleep Easily Father's Day

Father’s Day is a great time to check out Sleep Easily . The first two hundred purchasers get 50% off on Amazon.

Sleep Easily is a proven medication-free sleep solution for the 1-in-3 people who have insomnia. It is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy delivered through a mini audio player. It walks you through five physical triggers to get you to sleep.

Sleep Easily is a medication-free sleep solution for the 1-in-3 people who have mild to severe insomnia to help them finally sleep. Based on the most recognized form of sleep therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy), Sleep Easily doesn’t feel like therapy.

The Sleep Easily pillow-side audio device with a built-in personal speaker comes with:
Two sleep recordings, each available in a male and female voice
  • Sleep One – guides you to sleep within minutes
  • Sleep Two – helps you sleep more deeply and stay asleep
Three Supplemental recordings:
  • Feeling Better During the Day—how to reduce stress during the day
  • Sleep Ocean sounds
  • The Sound of Rest
Contoured Sleep Mask
Premium Silicone Earplugs
Sleep Easily normally retails for $89.99 and is on sale through Father’s Day at $44.99 for the first 200 purchases. The Sleep Easily All-in-one Sleep Kit includes a 30-day money back guarantee and is available on sleepeasily.com and on Amazon.

If you think finding a solution to sleep is girly, consider this…Sleep Easily is proven in a independent study, with Sleep Easily used by police, firefighters, commercial airline pilots, 81.6 percent of participants reported improved sleep.

In addition to the complete Sleep Easily Package, they are also offering Sleep Easily eye mask and earplug packs ($9.99) and earplug dual pack ($7.99). Great for sleep and travel!

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