Thursday, June 29, 2017

The 4th of July, from a Young Mother’s Perspective

With Independence Day quickly approaching, we conscientious mothers have a lot to think about.  
We might ponder the birth of our nation, our forefathers and their fight for our country’s freedom and our inalienable rights.  We may be overwhelmed by the current state of the union and wonder what kind of world we’re creating for our children and grandchildren.  We most definitely scour through Pinterest to find new combinations of red, white, and blue fruits for our American flag themed recipes.  (I’m going with strawberry blueberry shortcake, in case you were wondering.)
Striped and starred outfits set out.  Grilled meats refrigerated.  Possibly illegal/questionable-at-best fireworks stored safely out of the reach of chubby toddler fingers.  
The ultimate question still prevails.  Do we keep our little ones up way past their bedtimes and scare the Bejeezus out of them with loud, flaming explosions for the sake of our own memories or just call it good and put them to bed early?  Do we invest in thirty dollar, one-use-only baby headphones to shield their precious eardrums while we watch their terrified faces, or just blare the white noise machine and pray the blasts don’t wake them while Mommy and Daddy do some sparklers?  I mean, surely there’s something toxic in fireworks that they shouldn’t be exposed to; the falling ash can’t be organic, right?  Actually, don’t answer.  I can’t go down that rabbit hole.
All things considered, I guess I’ll be keeping the little one up for the fireworks show this year.  ‘Cuz #portraitmode, am I right?

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Lauren Wilson’s Bio:
Lauren Wilson is the creator of Mom Game (, a comedy video channel making moms laugh one poopy diaper joke at a time.   She has over 15 years of comedy, improv and production experience and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter. If she can make one other mama laugh and realize we're all in this together, all the milk, sweat and tears have been worth it.  Probably.  

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  1. This is such a great blog post-kudos to Lauren Wilson!