Friday, June 23, 2017

Website Spotlight: Financial Gym

Did you know women control 14 trillion in assets, and yet fewer than 2 in 10 feel prepared to make wise financial decisions?

So basically women are our household CFO's, but they don't feel secure about the financial decisions they're making. 

Why should they? They didn't get a formal financial education and marketing wouldn't be so effective if it didn't work like the charming beast it is - distracting us from what's most meaningful in life: human connection, new experiences and feeling zen inside. 

The Financial Gym, a company that's flipping the financial advising industry on it's head. An industry that's been focused on men, targeting men and built by men has finally been rethought by a woman with 17 years in financial services - usually as the only woman in the room. Industry veteran, Shannon McLay, founded the Financial Gym to empower women to get their assets in shape.
Check out more details about the Financial Gym HERE.

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