Thursday, July 6, 2017

Book Nook: The Lemonade Stand Cookbook

I recently had a chance to review The Lemonade Stand Cookbook (Burnt Cheese Press, May 2017), from award-winning author, Kathy Strahs. This book is a compilation of step-by-step recipes and crafts for kids to make and sell; inspired by kid experts from around the country. 

This was a fun book to review. My daughters are obsessed with figuring out some way to make and sell things to raise money for themselves and their favorite charities. So far things just haven't worked out, but we've got a plan in place to start making it happen. This book fit right into that plan. There were a lot of great recipes that kids can make with minimal supervision, and there were also a lot of crafts included that are easy to make look pretty good, if you have a kid who is careful and has a good eye. My nine-year-old was capable of handling just about all of the craft projects in the book with very little extra support from me (other than making sure she had the right ingredients), and the recipes were fairly quick to make. Although I had to help her more with the cooking part, it was fun and provided a great parent-child bonding experience.

The book has ample photographs to make sure kids have an idea of the finished product. There were drink choices that don't show up at typical lemonade stands (watermelon agua fresca, LOL - lemon-orange-limeade), tasty snacks (blondies and marshmallow pops), and fun crafty gifts (fingerknitting and bracelet-making). Whether kids use them to start a lemonade or craft stand, or whether they just use them to make thoughtful gifts, it's a great book for the kid who's looking for some projects to do.

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