Thursday, July 13, 2017

Book Nook: The Parents' Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccines, Second Edition

Vaccines can be a touchy subject. Most parents go along with the standard schedule and are just fine. Some parents are incredibly anti-vaccine, and some people are infuriated by their viewpoints. Then there are people who aren't 100% pro-vaccine and use them with caution. It can be hard to wade through evidence without getting mired down in a lot of the emotional language attached, or without going so deep into scientific studies that it's hard to understand.

I appreciated the chance to review  The Parents' Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations. This book gives information all vaccines, including meningococcal, HPV, and rotavirus. It incorporates both anti-vaccine and pro-vaccine viewpoints, so readers can get a basic understanding of what both sides say. While the book strives to be largely unbiased, the extra comments often have a slight anti-vaccine bent, not enough to sway someone out of vaccinations entirely, but enough to encourage caution and education.

For parents looking for one viewpoint or the other, they'll probably find it in this book - but that's what happens when books strive to be unbiased, both sides agree and disagree with the information, finding what they're looking for. It's definitely a good guide for people on the fence who just want to be more educated about both sides.

The book also contains natural remedies to strengthen children's immune systems and tips for how to deal with legal and school requirements when it comes to unvaccinated children. It also contains medical and natural remedies to minimize and avoid possible side effects of vaccines. It is well-written, scientific without going over the heads of readers with no medical training.


LAUREN FEDER, M.D. was a nationally recognized physician who specialized in holistic health and was board certified in homeopathic medicine. Author of Natural Baby and Childcare and Natural Pregnancy, she was affiliated with La Leche League, Holistic Pediatric Association, and the National Center for Homeopathy. She was also frequent lecturer and was featured nationally on television and radio. She wrote for Mothering Magazine and Homeopathy and was featured in The Los Angeles Times,,, and others.

LETRINH HOANG, D.O. is a pediatrician in private practice offering holistic, integrative pediatrics. She is a graduate of the University of New England, College of Osteopathic Medicine and received her pediatrics training at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. Dr. Hoang has two offices where she combines homeopathy and osteopathy consultations.

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