Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Consumer Critique: Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer

As parents, we don't take our kids temperature nearly as often as we did when they were younger. However, sometimes just temperature isn't enough anyway. That's the idea behind the Kinsa Smart Stick thermometer that I recently got to review. Not only does it give fast, accurate, and reliable readings, but it also does more. By asking about other symptoms, it can personalize advice for parents on what to do next - how to soothe symptoms, when to take meds, and if you should call the doctor (obviously you don't want to rely just on the app if you feel you should bring a kid in, but it does provide a helpful, impartial viewpoint).

The thermometer has a suggested retail price of just under $20, making it easy to fit a family budget. It is easy to read and requires no batteries, just an iOS or Android smartphone (that has a fun game while kids are stuck taking their temperature). It can be used orally, rectally, or underarm and is FDA-cleared for accuracy. You can buy it online (this week there'a a 15% off sale), or at a variety of retailers including Amazon, Target, and CVS.

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