Friday, July 21, 2017

Consumer Critique: Sock Fancy

I was recently sent a few pairs of socks from Sock Fancy. Somehow they read my mind and sent some cheetah/tiger inspired socks - exactly what my daughter loves most.

Sock Fancy would make a great gift for someone (or yourself) who loves fun socks. They are more expensive than buying plain socks ($9.50-$11 per pair, depending on subscription amount). However, they have a lot of neat designs, and you can order for anywhere between 3 months and forever - so you never have to worry about going out and finding fun socks again.

The socks are soft and comfortable, and are designed for men sizes 8-14 or women sizes 5-10 (the ones I got worked for my size 4.5 daughter and myself at 8.5 as well, but still stretched well enough for my mom's 9.5 feet). They do say you can contact them if your feet are bigger or smaller. You don't get to choose the socks, but if you don't like a pair, you can simply send them back. You can also get a mixed men's/women's sock subscription.

Check them out or learn more:
Instagram: @sockfancy
Facebook: Sock Fancy
Twitter: @SockFancy

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