Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Caring Causes: The Laundry Project

The Laundry Project is going viral!
Clean clothes are a luxury for many Americans. For those struggling financially, laundry often takes the backseat to more dire necessities – like food, shelter, and healthcare.

We believe e
veryone deserves the dignity of clean clothes.

We're building a movement to end laundry woes – one community at a time, by providing FREE MGF Laundry Products at participating laundromats across the USA


Want The Laundry Project in your neighborhood?
Fill out a brief request form and we'll start contacting your local laundromats! All we ask of participating laundromats is a minimum of 4 hours per month to offer free laundry services to those in need.

Then it's soap city, baby! 

We'll ship out FREE laundry soap refills as often as they're needed. 

We can't tell you how excited we are to uplift and change lives together with every refill.

Please head over to Facebook and watch the video.

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