Saturday, August 12, 2017

Consumer Critique: BFree Foods GF Products

Are you trying to live a gluten-free lifestyle, or do you have an occasional need for gluten-free products? No one in our house has issues with gluten, but it's something my sister-in-law avoids, so when we host get togethers we try to make sure we're accommodating. One of the easiest ways to do that is just to buy products that are gluten-free so we don't have to worry about which is which. I was happy to receive a box of products from BFree Foods to review.

The company makes a variety of GF products - hot dog buns, hamburger buns, bagels, pitas, breads, and tortillas/wraps. Gluten-free products have come a long way - when I first started getting them on occasion, they had a very different texture and mouthfeel. These still aren't exactly the same as traditional products that contain gluten, but they worked well for us.

The bread was a hit with my family. The hot dog buns were mixed - they tasted fine, but the white ones were a little more crumble than normal. They were also huge - a good size for a large brat, but a little big for a standard hot dog. The wraps were awesome - a good texture, and did a good job containing what we filled them with. I also really liked the bagels. They had a very similar texture and feel to other bagels.

Overall, I was pleased with these products. They were close enough to regular breads that they could easily be served in a gathering where some people avoided gluten and others didn't. The are also free of dairy, eggs, nuts, and soy, so a lot of people with various allergies can eat them and be fine.

Check out their delicious recipes for GF food ideas, and check out the products online or at a store near you.

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