Saturday, August 5, 2017

Consumer Critique: Dr. Beaker

A while back I had a chance to review Dr. Eureka by Blue Orange Games. In that game, players need to pour colored balls back and forth between test tubes to match the pattern on the given card. I recently had the chance to review Dr. Beaker, a game with a similar premise and game play, and a similar level of fun.

For Dr. Beaker, instead of pouring test tubes back and forth, each player stirs colored balls in a specially designed beaker that only allows for moving one at a time. Players still race to match the pattern on the card, or it can also be played alone by racing against the clock to try to find the match in the quickest time.

This is a fun game to play with a variety of age groups. While it does require a certain level of fine motor abilities, it can be played by kids as young as preschool. Really the only problem we had with the game is that my daughter accidentally sat on one of the plastic stirring rods and broke it (she couldn't see where she had left it on the couch because it was clear and thin). Otherwise it is a fun game to play for family game night!

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