Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Thrifty Thinking: Gazelle/ecoATM

While school is out for the summer, in a few short weeks university, college and high school students will be getting ready to head back to campus for the fall semester. Soon, parents and students alike will be seeking out the best deals on housewares, clothing and of course, tech.

Back-to-school is expensive. It’s the second largest shopping season of the year, and in 2017 families will spend, on average, $500 per childon clothing, supplies, and gadgets.

Shop smart and save money with these few simple tips, courtesy of ecoATM Gazelle:

1.      Start Late: Shoppers who begin well in advance are likely to spend more than those who wait. So enjoy the summer a bit longer! Getting a late start prevents overspending and may mean finding better deals.
2.      Buy Online: On average the expected in-store spend is more than twice that of an online spend. Forget in-store distractions and try helpful apps like Honey that automatically find and apply coupon codes for online shopping.
3.      Earn Cash for Clutter: Trade-in unwanted electronics or an ecoATM kiosk near you. It’s an easy way to make some extra cash for back-to-school purchases. Below are examples of what consumers can expect to earn through Gazelle:
a.      iPhone 6 128 GB (Good Condition): $150
b.      Samsung Galaxy S7 32 GB (Good Condition): $140

c.       iPad 4th Generation 128 GB WiFi (Good Condition): $90

ecoATM and Gazelle provide secure, profitable and environmentally friendly solutions for purchasing used electronics and selling unwanted devices.

·        Gazelle is one of the most trusted online marketplaces for buying and selling used devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs at fair market prices.
·        ecoATM automated kiosks provide consumers with a convenient way to recycle electronic devices they no longer have use for – and earn money on the spot.

EcoATM and Gazelle make a great addition as an alternative to purchasing expensive devices. Consumers can purchase the latest iPhone and Samsung devices as well as iPads and MacBooks.   

Parents and students can also sell unwanted devices online at to earn money to put towards books, rent or a device upgrade.

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