Saturday, August 5, 2017

Website Spotlight: Ask.Vet

The toughest job? Motherhood. It's hard enough to set aside enough time in the day to meet the needs of all your children—now add pets into the equation and it's 'paw'sitively impossible. As mothers, we try to handle it all with panache, but one pet emergency can throw it all off.
Imagine this: It’s Saturday evening and Fluffy has diarrhea. Your primary clinic is closed and it's an ordeal in itself to get all your kids out the door. Do you really have to get everyone to the ER on a Saturday night?
Enter Ask.Vet. Created to solve problems exactly like this, it's a service that offers live text conversations with licensed veterinarians for quick advice. It's giving moms what they really want: someone to listen to them, call their pet by name, and help them make decisions. And it's also giving them peace of mind while saving them thousands of dollars in vet bills—no small benefit.
Here’s how Ask.Vet is helping the busy moms of the world:
It's Personal (and That's a Good Thing) 
Unlike web diagnosis services, Ask.Vet always connects pet parents to a real human—making every interaction personal and avoiding WebMD-esque doomsday diagnoses (ever typed in the symptoms of a common cold, only to be diagnosed with a deadly disease?). And users aren’t limited to a single text—they can communicate back and forth with a licensed veterinarian until all their questions are answered.
It Gives You the Attention that Vets Can't 
It's not just our children that we like to show pictures of and talk about for hours on end. In a perfect world, our vets would have endless amounts of time to listen to us talk about our pets—and answer our, frankly, quite neurotic questions. However, vets are overworked and usually don't have as much time as we want them to have. That's why, for a token monthly fee on Ask.Vet, pet moms can ask as many questions they want about their pets—no matter how trivial the query.
It Helps You Care for Your Pets All the Time
Most pet owners ignore their pet’s wellness until a crisis hits. Ask.Vet prioritizes constant attention to overall health. Each Ask.Vet query—no matter how trivial—gets answered within minutes, meaning a text could prevent bigger issues and hefty vet bills. And it means Fluffy is getting taken care of all the time, not just when he has an emergency (or is about to ruin your carpets). 
To try out the service for yourself, text VET to 67076. You’ll be texting with a licensed veterinarian for customized advice within minutes, and the first session is free—meaning you'll have taken care of Fluffy with time to spare for the rest of the family! Welcome to your new life as SuperMom.

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