Monday, September 25, 2017

Book Nook: Mackenzie Goes Adventuring

Mackenzie Goes Adventuring is an imaginative new book that I got to review. The action takes place in Snookton, a happy town full of Snookies (a word that makes me smile just like wookie and cookie). One day, Mackenzie convinces a friend to take a new way home, despite the warnings by their teacher to stay on the right path. They encounter danger and delight, and still need to make their way home.

Along their journey, they meet friends who ultimately show them the value of education, paying attention, and making wise decisions. It's an important lesson for children of all ages, and this book is appropriate for early elementary readers - a little bit long for the youngest readers, although the images are captivating enough that it would work as a parent-read book for younger kids. The story is relatable - what kid doesn't dream of going a different way and discovering new things? It's also appropriately cautionary without being scary or boring.

The edition available at the website is a softcover binding with tear-resistant pages and will come signed by the author.

J.L. Baumann is the author of the children’s book Mackenzie Goes Adventuring ( and numerous works for adults, including A Gothic Rendezvous and Sonnets of the Provocative Kind. He is the father of four children, all of whom were home schooled, and has a background in accounting. He is also the founder of Prosperity Financial Services Inc.

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