Saturday, September 30, 2017

Caring Causes: Blue Paw K-9 Donations

Circle Products, Inc., launched a new Bleu Paw crowdfunding campaign. With multiple applications, the cool gadget is the perfectly designed tool for dog owners who are sick and tired of using their hands to pick up poop after their pet. The innovative device also effortlessly collects pet hair with a smart sticky lint roller section. The company has teamed up with the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) & with Disability Assistance Dogs to donate one free device to a K-9 Officer with every purchase & to a someone disabled using a service dog. Now, police will have a handy compact device that is easy to store or clip when they need to pick up their partner's deposits efficiently and in an instant &  accessible for someone with a disability.

Made from durable plastic, the Bleu Paw works with every type of plastic bag on the market. A bag simply slides on and sticks to the sticky roller and easily pulls off when the user is ready to remove it and discard of the contents. This makes the product a clever way to keep walkways and the environment clean as more cities clampdown on negligent owners and animal waste. It also provides relief by putting an end to walking with a poop bag in hand until reaching a garbage can as users can lock the bag in the claws of the tool."Bleu Paw was developed because I was tired of stepping in dog poop from owners who neglected to pick up after their pets near my home," explained, Vincent Smith, (CEO), Circle Products, Inc. "I figured, if I offered a better and less gross way to pick up poop - dog owners would love it. After all, it's never a pleasant experience picking up poop but our product makes it easier.”

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