Monday, November 6, 2017

Shopping Savings: Orivet Pet DNA Testing

New DNA testing technology from Orivet, a leading international personalized medicine and genetics testing organization, looks to be a popular option for holiday shoppers searching for unique gift giving ideas this holiday season.
With Orivet, pet owners can discover answers to a variety of questions about their pet, including breed composition, genetic traits and predisposition to inherited diseases.
Orivet is available in the U.S. and more than 40 countries worldwide and provides affordable DNA testing products that allow pet owners, breeders and veterinarians to better understand a pet’s specific genetic makeup. The company offers comprehensive genetic screening for both dogs and cats, using a simple non-invasive mouth swab.
Available tests from Orivet include, DNA disease screening, breed identification DNA testing, full purebred profiles, DNA profiling and parentage confirmation, and more.
“With Orivet, holiday shoppers can give a truly unique gift to the pet owners on their shopping lists. Our service allows pet owners to learn about their pet’s breed profile, as well as, genetic factors that affect their individual health,” said Dr. Noam Pik, CEO of Orivet. “Orivet’s DNA testing products are a perfect gift because they can help pet owners learn more about their beloved pet and make them healthier with a personalized life plan.”
Orivet is dedicated to helping pet owners build a life plan that is unique to their pet’s needs. The process starts by ordering the canine or feline DNA testing kit that is right for your pet. Upon receiving the kit, it is as simple as swabbing the inside of the pet’s mouth, and shipping the swabs back to Orivet. When the DNA sample is received by Orivet, tests are performed and the results are made available through the online dashboard.
Pet owners can use their pet’s online dashboard to stay up to date on required shots and learn about any potentially harmful genetic traits and treatment options. Pet owners and veterinarians can work together using Orivet’s online dashboard to create a Life Plan that will help support pets living a long, healthy and happy life.
The earlier a genetic disease is identified, the easier it is to determine the best treatment plan, or the best way to manage the disease. DNA testing is proving to help pet owners save time and money while providing their pets with the best possible care. 
Until Jan. 15, holiday shoppers visiting can earn 20 percent off select DNA testing kits by entering the promo code PETGIFT17 at checkout. The code is good for the purchase of Orivet’s Dog Breed Identification Test Plus Life Plan or the Cat DNA Screen Plus Life Plan.
About Orivet Genetic Pet Care
Orivet Genetic Pet Care is a leading personalized-medicine organization offering innovative health care solutions for veterinarians and pet owners. The organization was founded in 2010, on the premise that each and every pet is unique, with its own set of specific traits, behaviors, genetic health needs and inherent risks. Orivet works with veterinarians, pet owners and responsible pet breeders to provide practical, evidence-based platforms focused on identifying risk and improving clinical outcomes.  

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