Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Book Nook: Mysterious Monsters Books 1 and 2

My younger daughter enjoys reading books about ninjas, spies, explorers, and adventurers. She really enjoyed books I recently got to review from the Mysterious Monsters series. Currently there are two books out: Bigfoot and Alien.

Both of the books are written with a sense of humor. The first one opens by asking kids if, when they hear monsters in the closet, they ask their parents to open the door - and ends with (spoiler alert!) the kids hiding Sasquatch in their basement. They're short, easy reads, so they're great for reluctant readers. They're about monsters, but not too scary for younger kids. They're family-friendly, so younger advanced readers can read them without seeing anything inappropriate. They have an appropriate level of suspense for middle elementary readers, and the kids are strange enough to be interesting without being so far out there that it's hard for kids to follow.

It's an imaginative, fun series, and I can't wait until more are published.

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