Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Consumer Critique: BugBand Be Prepared® Kit

Snow is finally melting here in Minnesota, and that means spring is coming - and with that, bugs! Last year I was able to use BugBand products, and I was happy with how they worked. This year, BugBand is working with the Boy Scouts of America for an officially licensed Be Prepared® Insect Repellent Kit.

The kit comes with two products packaged together to fill both light and heavy duty bug production needs. The bug bands provide light duty protection up to 120 hours (5 days), even in the water, so they're good for a long weekend camping trip. For deeper hikes into the woods, the towelettes can be applied directly to skin, where they'll repel bugs including ticks.

Not going away for long? By sealing the bands in the package, they can be reused again a little later in the season. The towelettes are also good for making sure that bug repellent doesn't get in eyes or mouth.

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