Saturday, March 24, 2018

Enriching Education: Trailhead Podcast

The popular Trailhead Podcast is revamping and reformatting with the release of seasons. From giving leaders and creatives everywhere practical steps on accomplishing their goals, to spotlighting fresh new tunes, it will become your new favorite 'how to' podcast!
Trailhead Podcast Launches Season 1
Recognizing that each person finds themselves at the beginning of their own path as they journey through life, the Trailhead Podcast was created to encourage and inspire listeners to blaze their own trail. Taking that ever important first step, and persevering through all of the twists, turns, and hurdles, that life’s journey throws at you can be hard without encouragement and guidance. 
Established to fuel young leaders and creatives, Season 1 is full of 10 power packed interviews with leaders and influencers worldwide. Each episode tackles a practical lesson, from identifying your own uniqueness, to how to best equip and coach, there’s a lesson for everyone in any stage of life. 
Globally renown influencers like Rjay Barsh (NBA Trainer) and Steve Carter (Lead Pastor of one of the largest churches in America), join host and founder Benji Block to talk through the struggles and fears that come with chasing that BIG dream inside of you, as well as practical tips on how to blaze your unique trail with confidence. 
“I'm believing that as you listen to "The Trailhead Podcast" your creative pursuits would be fueled, that your want to lead well would be energized… that you would come to this show hungry and you would leave full… that you would be reminded that your story matters, and that would propel you to move boldly toward making a positive impact in the world,” explains Block.
Making its debut in 2016, the once weekly podcast has already been downloaded by thousands worldwide.
Season 1 is now available to listeners on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

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