Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Movie Minute: Coco

I wasn't sure how I'd like Coco based on the initial trailers. The animation looked great, and the storyline was intriguing, but I didn't know how my kids would react to the idea. Then I got to review the movie.

Coco is born in a family of shoemakers who hate music. Music tore their family apart generations ago, and now it's forbidden, enforced by the granddaughter of the woman whose husband left on his music career. Coco is desperate to enter a music contest taking place on Dia de los Muertos. When his homemade guitar is destroyed, he decides to take one from the crypt of revered musician Ernesto de la Cruz, who he believes would give his blessing as his great-great-grandfather. He is suddenly transported to the realm of the dead, and must make his way back home.

Throughout the film, we get a fascinating glimpse into elements of Mexican culture, as well as see Coco explore musicianship, relationships, family, and love.

If you've been holding back on getting this movie because of the potentially dark "underworld" theme, don't. The Land of the Dead is a magical, beautiful place that runs just like the world above, and one's ancestors are doting relatives who enjoy the once-a-year trip back home, as long as their pictures are up on Dia de los Muertos. There is a little bit of sadness with the idea of what happens when one is forgotten by one's family, as well as the story of one character's death, but otherwise the movie is fairly lighthearted and a delightful way to celebrate family.

The Blu-Ray comes with tons of bonus features, including art lessons, music exploration, and even history and culture lessons. My kids enjoyed them almost as much as they enjoyed the movie!

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