Friday, March 16, 2018

Music Minute: 123 Andrés

123 Andrés (touring artist and music educator Andrés Salguero) and his wife Christina Sanabria spend most of their time in the United States, but Andrés' ties to South America carry them across the continent.
La luna was produced in Argentina and Mexico, and the list of top-tier guests hail from several countries. The album features Latin Grammy nominees Mariana Baraj (Argentina) and Sophia (Bolivia/Mexico), rising new voice Berenice Girón (México) and the renowned children’s author Maria del Sol Peralta (Colombia). Listeners also hear Alex Alvear (Ecuador), 3 y Cuatro (Venezuela) and two sisters, Luna and Brisa Beltrán (Colombia/USA), who, though aged only 10 and 8, open the CD with their powerful and sweet voices. The special surprise that closes the album is an appearance by Little Miss Ann (a noted Chicago based kindie artist) with a tender song in English and Spanish called "Fly, Shine, Soar."

The album’s two producers are award-winning Leandro Álvarez (Argentina) and Latin Grammy-nominated Orlando Di Pietro (Venezuela/Mexico), and they have channeled their profound knowledge of South American music into this album. Listeners will hear genres including Loncomeo from Patagonia, Candomble from Uruguay, Huayno from the Andes and Merengue from Venezuela. The songs come to life with the exquisitely performed instrumentation – soft strings of charangos, guitars, cellos and a Cuban tres; the deep boom of an ancient traditional drum (bombo leyero); and soothing and whimsical quenas and sikus (flutes and pan pipes). 

A portion of CD sales will benefit the Greater DC Diaper Bank.

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