Monday, April 23, 2018

Book Nook: Amazing Origami Boxes

I was recently sent a copy of Amazing Origami Boxes. I hadn't even had a chance to look at it when my daughter grabbed it and started creating. She loves art, and within about fifteen minutes, she had already made a handful of boxes - and they looked pretty good!

Paper boxes are cute. None of them took her a great deal of time to make, and they would make neat centerpieces, or decorative boxes for giving small gifts. She's using hers to store trinkets on her dresser.

The book is bright and colorful, and very clear illustrations. The types of folds are clearly explained so that when they come up later in the book they're easy to use. The nice thing with origami is that it's a type of art that for some people is more accessible than drawing. I can't draw very well at all, but if I'm careful, I can make origami turn out well.

There are 20 different designs in this book, ranging from the fairly simple to more complex. Some of the boxes just look like different shaped boxes, but there's even a cat box that my daughter is going to try next!

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