Saturday, April 21, 2018

Book Nook: Daditude

I recently had the chance to review the book Daditude by Chris Erskine. Chris Erskine is a columnist for the LA Times and I'm sure he's fairly enjoyable to read on a regular basis for their subscribers.

This book is fairly entertaining. The book is out of chronological order, even within sections. That might bother people that don't see any rhyme or reason for the order of the essays, or for people who want to read the essays as a sequence and tare thrown off by the varying ages of the kids as it jumps back and forth. That bothered me a little bit if I tried to think of it as a book, but didn't bother me if I just wanted to read it as essays.

Chris Erskine has a sort of dry sense of humor. I rarely laughed out loud in the book, but I did smile and empathize as a parent (even though I'm not a dad). His descriptions of events struck me as someone who was rather bemused by the whole parenting concept, and echoes the experiences I think many dads have when they don't quite get everything that's going on but they want to be an involved parent and good provider.

This book would make a good Father's Day gift for dads who like to read or who like to share stories about their own parenting experiences.

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