Monday, April 2, 2018

Consumer Critique: Mesh Laundry Bags

I recently had a chance to see some mesh laundry bags that come in a variety of six different sizes - perfect for any delicate washing needs!

This pack made a great value. At less than $2 each, the price is almost too good to be true. However, they're thoughtfully designed and have little features that really make them work.

There are three different-sized rectangle bags. There's nothing really special about these. They work for either separating dirty or clean clothes while traveling, or for a little bit of protection for slightly delicate things. The smaller ones work well for small shirts or stuffed animals, while the larger one is great for sweaters or washable pillows.

Then there are three smaller ones that are padded for even more protection. One is designed for underwear, one for bras, one for other undergarments like slips or camisoles. The picture on each one clearly indicates its intended purpose. The bra bag is large enough for large cup sizes to fit inside. They're soft and will help any garment inside resist snagging from velcro or zippers. In fact, I plan to use the larger ones anytime I wash something with velcro, whether or not there's a delicate item in the load, just to keep the velcro from catching other fuzz and lint!

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