Monday, April 2, 2018

Giveaway: Hartz® Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ Dog Pad

The Hartz Mountain Corporation recently launched Hartz®Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ dog pads. These new dog pads from Hartz® Home Protection™ are designed with highly absorbent quilt pockets using unique printed dot embossing that traps wetness in the center to prevent spreading and leaking, unlike dog pads with “standard quilting”, which cause wetness to spread. Each Quilted Plus™ dog pad contains FlashDry® Gel Technology that turns liquid into gel. The Clean Powder scent eliminates odors with odor-harmonizing fragrance technology.

Made in the USA (of American & imported materials), Hartz® Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ is available in 14 count (SRP: $4.99) and 50 count (SRP: $12.99) packages.   

“With leading paper towel, feminine care and baby diaper brands, printed dot embossing technology is the gold standard,” said Susan Burris, Hartz® Senior Brand Manager, Dog Pads & Cat Litter. “Hartz® Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ dog pads represent the first time that printed dot embossing technology has been introduced into the dog pad sector.”

“Standard quilting dog pads channel liquid away, increasing the diffusion area and potential for messes,” adds Ms. Burris, “while Hartz® Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ dog pads feature special quilt pockets that trap wetness and odor, creating a smaller spot and less potential for leaks and tracking.”

I have a chance to give away a sample of these new dog pads. To enter, leave a comment with why you think it'll be better than your current house breaking solution. Deadline is April 9th. US entrants only please.

Take the Hartz® Quilted Plus No Leak Challenge

Consumers are invited to take the Hartz® Quilted Plus™ No Leak Challenge by comparing their experience with Hartz® Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ versus the brand they are currently using and sharing that experience on the Hartz® Facebookand Instagram pages. Each week, the first 20 respondents who post will receive a free package of the new Hartz® Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ dog pads. The challenge is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook or with Instagram.

Hartz™ Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ Dog Pads from Hartz Mountain on Vimeo.


  1. These would be a big improvement over the normal ones where the wetness just spreads. reklaw422 at Hotmail dot com

  2. I love that these block odor as well as not leaking thru on the floor. Good product.