Monday, April 16, 2018

Parenting Pointers: Mommy Mojo Makeover

Viva Editions is proud to announce the publication of THE MOMMY MOJO MAKEOVER: 28 TOOLS TO RECLAIM YOURSELF & REIGNITE YOUR RELATIONSHIP by Dana B. Myers, founder of Booty Parlor (Currently ranked as a #1 New Release in Women's Sexual Health on Amazon).
Having helped the everyday woman to the likes of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dana is here to help mamas everywhere. THE MOMMY MOJO MAKEOVER promises to be of interest to:
  • Any mama, from NEW to EXPERIENCED, who has had problems dealing with INTIMACY AND RELATIONSHIP ISSUES 
  • Mamas who are looking for help in marrying their PRE-BABY identity to their POST-BABY new mama selves
I had a chance to interview the author to learn more.

1) What is Mommy Mojo?

I believe that Mojo is best defined as the feminine sexual spark that lies within every woman—it’s a glow from the inside out. Mojo is your lust for life, love, sex, pleasure, and all the juicy possibilities that are available to all of us. It is your sex—your sexual attitude, your sexual drive, your personal sexual magnetism, and a reflection of how confident and free you feel to express yourself sexually. In other words, your Mojo is, in essence, the primordial expression of your sex.

Mommy Mojo is more than just confidence, it’s sexy self-confidence integrated with the rich wisdom and experience of motherhood. It’s your ability to know, embrace, and love your post-baby body, to know your desires and feel empowered to communicate them and to confidently prioritize yourself, your sensual satisfaction, and your intimate relationship with your partner—just as much as you prioritize your own children and well-being.

Learning to embrace your Mommy Mojo is about choosing love over resentment, sexiness over sexlessness, and self-care over self-neglect. It’s about choosing to be sexually expressive instead of shut down. In empowering yourself to make these choices, you become more in tune with the wildness inside of you, falling in love—and hopefully lust!— with yourself and your spouse over and over again.

2) Why is it important for moms?

Well, the old saying is true -- ‘If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” And so, why should women lose their freedom, sensuality, libido and lust just because they’ve become mothers? Why should we settle for feeling like a less confident, less sensual version of ourselves? Yes, having kids changes everything. And it’s common to feel exhausted, overwhelmed and disconnected from your body after you have children. And it’s normal to fall into a sexual rut within your relationship, too. But that doesn’t mean we should stay stuck in that place. I believe that mothers should feel a sense of sexual entitlement. That we should practice PLEASURE as an active part of our lives. Because when we do, we feel more free and fulfilled as women. We feel calmer, more patient and present as mothers. We feel less resentful, and more enthusiastic to meet our partners as equal co-creators in life, love and parenting.

3) Should new moms strive to capture what they had before?

No, there’s no “going back.” Once we become mothers, we are changed for good! And for the better, if we allow it. The tools in the Mommy Mojo Makeover are designed to inspire a woman to evolve forward into the next version of herself, one that is more confident, more knowing, more deserving, and more satisfied within herself and her relationship. This is a pathway into who you want to be and how you want to feel now, and forward into a revitalized relationship that thrills and turns you on.

Check out an excerpt on the VIVA EDITIONS BLOG!

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