Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Website Spotlight: Meggabuzz

Megga Inc. introduces, a new short-messaging /microblogging app with many of the same functions and features as Twitter.  Megga, Inc. believes that users deserve to benefit from their data and time.  Available now in Beta version, is a part of the platform of online services and apps that transfers all the net revenue back to users in a revolutionary user-centric internet model.  

Here’s a countdown of the top 5 reasons to setup your blog and/or to follow someone on
5. is just cooler. Why be a twit when you really just want your followers to follow your Buzz? 
4. Limited to 140 characters.  Call us "old school," but followers want clear, quick, relevant messages not lengthy rants. Most people do not want 280 characters as illustrated by the following article …. 
3. As part of the platform, you can easily move from to another app with a single login.   
2. As a user-focused platform, does not allow direct access to its user data and user accounts by any third party.
1. Best of all, is on the platform so you earn points that can be redeem later for cash. It's part of the user revolution that transfers all the net advertising revenue back to you. 

The countdown, In summary:

5. It’s cooler! Follow a Buzz, not a twit!
4. Limited to 140 characters – just the most relevant info
3. Single-login access to other apps
2. Won't sell your data or look the other way while others scrape it
1. Earn points that are redeemable for cash is now available in a Beta version for desktop and the new approach is already gaining ground.  The mobile app for Android and Apple are coming soon.

About Megga
Meggalife is an online platform that benefits users and protects their data privacy. The platform includes social networks, internet search, Apps and communications services and more.  It is offered by Megga, Inc., a subsidiary of HUTN Inc. Meggalife has been under development for two years and was funded by EF Hutton, an affiliated leader in digital finance and investment services. For more information, visit

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