Monday, May 21, 2018

Amazing Apps: Shupperz

Struggling with finding the right gift? That’s where SHUPPERZ comes in! This first-of-its-kind app allows consumers to connect with “Super Shuppers” -  the best shoppers in NYC who can act as their very own personal shopper - including high-profile fashion influencers like Cici NYC  (who has over 100K Instagram followers). These skilled shoppers, who have insider knowledge of all the in-store sales and promotions, will personally pick out the best options for you to give!

I had a chance to interview Tal Rubinstein – CEO of SHUPPERZ - to learn more.

  • Why was SHUPPERZ created?
    • SHUPPERZ was created out of sheer necessity. Being a frequent traveler, I was often asked to find unique items while on my trips to bring back for friends and family. I knew I couldn’t possibly be finding the best deals, and I would also have trouble locating certain items while in an unknown city. This made me think, what if I could hire a skilled local shopper to source these things and ship them to me? I thought there should be an app for that! And SHUPPERZ was born. 
  • Where do the "Super Shuppers" come from and how are they chosen?
    • Super Shuppers represent the best of the best when it comes to local shoppers. They are chosen through a stringent interview process. We strive to find the most dedicated shoppers, who are up to date on the best deals and know how to find the coolest, most unique things at a great price. Our Super Shuppers range from style influencers with thousands of IG followers, to college students with a knack for knowing how to save a buck.
  • How can SHUPPERZ help moms save time?
    • Want to shop the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale, but don’t have the time or the will power to drag your little one down to midtown Manhattan? Want to shop the Sephora VIB 20% off sale, but haven’t made it to VIB status? That’s where SHUPPERZ comes in. Taking the stress and worry out of shopping, SHUPPERZ is a personal shopper a few taps away. You can purchase a Father’s Day gift while at your kids soccer game, and know you got the best deal possible at the same time. 

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