Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Book Nook: Overcoming the Hand You Were Dealt

Kisha Taylor knows all-too well the pain of being abandoned by her mother and robbed of her father. She channeled that pain into her new book, Overcoming the Hand You Were Dealt. Told through the eyes of a young woman named Deja', the book weaves valuable life lessons into a candid, powerful story of one woman's determination to break the confines of the life she was born into. 

Deja' was dealt a losing hand, and no one would have blamed her for simply accepting her fate. Her father died before she was born, and her mother chose drug addiction over her daughter. With loneliness consuming her, Deja' could have folded. Should have folded. But instead, she learned how to recycle her pain, and she began drawing from every source of positive influence that entered her life: a God-loving grandmother, a supportive godmother and a street-savvy godfather who taught her how to redirect her pain and survive in this world. 
But the challenges just kept coming, and Deja' encountered countless betrayals and abuses along the way, which lead to an unhealthy marriage, and ultimately, a pattern of unhealthy relationships with men that lasted for several years. Aware that she is repeating a family cycle of poor choices, Deja' needs to rally what's left of her strength and determination to break that cycle. Will her fortitude be enough? Or will this final test break her spirit once and for all?   
Overcoming the Hand You Were Dealt is the powerful new book from Kisha Taylor. Cultivated from her personal experience with abandonment, Overcoming weaves an authentic and captivating story of struggle, pain, hope and faith that culminates in a heartwarming climax of healing and restoration.
In addition to the book, Taylor's website, lifeunlimited1.com, enables her to continue her passion for women's emotional health, with courses that tap into the warrior in every woman, that cover abandonment issues and that help survivors understand why they act and feel the way they do. The website also houses inspirational items like T-shirts and mugs with messages of empowerment, and a blog with videos and messages of encouragement.
Author Kisha Taylor was born in Brooklyn, NY, and from a young age, she learned how to navigate the real world of hard knocks. She attended Binghamton University and Baruch College, where she studied accounting and psychology. She became counsel to many, sharing principles on surviving abuse, overcoming life's challenges, healthy ways of handling personal mistakes and how to not surrender to self-defeat. 

I had a chance to interview Kisha to learn more.

What motivated you to write Overcoming the hand you were dealt?
How does this book draw from your own life?
  -I have shared parts of my life story with many people over the years as a testimony to inspire and encourage women. I've often been told that those stories gave them hope and strength to get through some challenging times. I guess it was because I am unashamed and candid about my struggles, mistakes and weaknesses. I openly share the mental state I was in during some of my crucial moments and the process I endured from pain to change that brought victory in those situations. I believe that when we have struggles we need real and reliable information, not patty cake responses. There are people in pain and we don't have enough honest people willing to tell the truth about life's issues, therefore people only see our promise land when what will really empower them is our wilderness on the way to the promise. Overcoming the hand you were dealt was written to reach women and bring awareness to men, to let them know they are not alone in their struggles and there is a mindset they will receive within those pages that can bring about victory. This book is my life in print.

If someone is dealt a rotten hand, how can they channel their pain in to something useful?
- There are many examples given in the book Overcoming the hand you were dealt, however to name one, first I separate myself from the challenge. I don't allow myself to be married or yoked to the challenge. When you remove the emotion from a challenge and inject a strategy that a clear mind concludes, you almost immediately start to visualize a solution. That is your greatest asset to overcoming.

What can people do to support those that are in difficult life situations?
-Be a hand up, pay it forward. If you were abandoned and overcame many of the effects and impact in your own life, share it. If you had a parent addicted to drugs and struggled to forgive, share it, because there is nothing more powerful than someone who lived your current struggle giving you first hand accounts and strategies to heal and deal with where you are on your journey and make a deposit towards your success.

Anyone struggling with life's challenges need to read this book, it can change their world view and bring awareness that their Is joy, peace and wholeness in their future. "Overcoming the hand you were dealt" can be purchased on my website lifeunlimited1.com or at any online site where books are sold.

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