Saturday, May 12, 2018

Consumer Critique: Noblo Umbrella Buddy

Spring is here, which means summer isn't far behind (although it's been awfully cool here in Minnesota, so it might a little ways still). If you like to spend time on the beach, you probably know that shady spots on hot days get crowded quickly - but bringing your own umbrella can be hard to secure. 

Kathleen Pisano, mom, former forest fire fighter, and nurse, witnessed an awful fly away beach umbrella injury while at the beach with her kids. She was worried that her umbrella would be responsible for an accident, so she used a homemade solution consisting of a plastic bag filled with sand tied to the beach umbrella with rope. This created an anchor and it worked! 

She developed a nicer-looking solution, which I had a chance to review - the Noblo Umbrella Buddy. It's really easy to use - fill with sand, attach the umbrella, and you're done. It takes up almost no space in a beach bag, and is reusable. It appears to be very durable, which means it'll last quite a while. Plus, the company is socially responsible - it's made in the US and provides jobs for physically and mentally handicapped people in the packaging. They also give back to the USLA. It's a great solution from a company trying to do good!

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