Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Fun Freetime: Fun, Interactive Memorial Day Weekend Activities for Kids

Memorial Day Weekend is known as the unofficial start of summer with many people planning outdoor BBQs and parties to celebrate the holiday. Choosing the menu and decorations is the easy part but figuring out activities that will keep children entertained throughout the duration of the party can be difficult. Below are some fun and unique ideas from Kilian Saekel, co-founder of a tech-based gaming system called ROXs, on activities that kids can do over the holiday weekend. 

Indoor Activities  
  • Coloring with a purpose. Set up a table indoors that is loaded with crayons, coloring books, blank paper and any other kid-friendly craft supplies. You can let them create their own masterpieces of give them a theme to stick to. For a Memorial Day theme you can ask them to draw a patriotic picture using only the colors red, white and blue. Kids can also create cards and pictures to send to active military members or a local veteran’s hospital. 
  • New twists on old games and activities- Set up age-appropriate card games or board games, but add a fun twist to them. For example, while playing Go Fish if a player asks for a card that no one has they have to make up a dance or do a set number of jumping jacks. You can also set up a movie in the same manner and require kids to jump up every time a certain word or phrase is used. 
  • Edible Building Blocks. Kids love building things, but instead of using Legos or wooden blocks, provide kids with a bag of marshmallows and thin pretzels as their materials. Kids just have to skewer the marshmallow with the sticks and connect them to build anything they can think of.  

Outdoor Activities
  • Turn your backyard into a sports arena- Set up different stations around your backyard that involve kids’ favorite sports. Kid-friendly versions of football, volleyball and soccer are easy and cheap to set up. Most of the supplies can be bought at a dollar store and kids can bend the rules to fit how much space they have to work with. 
  • Hi-tech fun and run - Kids love technology and nowadays there are various apps and games that aim to get kids off the couch and running around outdoors. The NFL Play 60 app and ROXs 2s are both good options that provide a variety of activities to please even the pickiest of kids.
  • Scavenge the yard- Hide objects around the backyard and have kids search for the item they think you are describing. Require kids to perform a certain physical activity (jumping jacks, sit ups, push-ups, etc.) before they are allowed to submit the item that they brought back to you. If they bring back the wrong item, they have to do twice the number of jumping jacks that are required before returning to the hunt! 
Kilian Saekel, Co-Founder & CEO of A-Champs
Kilian is a German born entrepreneur in the field of product development and manufacturing. 
In 2010 Kilian’s wife successfully battled cancer. It was then when he started to appreciate the need to live an active and healthy lifestyle. In 2015, he founded “A-Champs” with the goal to inspire children to engage in physical activity and to help them set the foundations for living active and healthy lives. The A-Champs solution is an interactive gaming system that uses technology, video gaming play patterns and kids’ imaginations for real-world PLAY experiences that are screen-less. 

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