Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Music Minute: Cheri Magill - Tour Guide

Award-winning independent singer/songwriter Cheri Magill breaks new ground with her third album, Tour Guide, whose ten songs are snapshots of motherhood that deliver sage wisdom with a saucy touch and a positive outlook. Tour Guide is set for release on May 4, 2018, in time for Mother's Day.

Born in the tiny, one-stoplight town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, Cheri Magillgrew up playing the piano and singing with her three sisters, realizing early on that music was her passion. Upon receiving her B.A. in Music from Brigham Young University, Cheri began recording and performing professionally, releasing two albums, Ready (2004) and Chasing Yesterday (2007), and touring throughout the West and Midwest.

In between albums, Cheri married and began family life. After the birth of her first child in 2007, Cheri took a big step away from her musical activities, yet she missed having a creative outlet. Eventually her search to find a pursuit that would be compatible with home life and children led her to start a blog called "I Am Momma Hear Me Roar."  This project led Cheri to some exciting opportunities, crowned by an appearance on The Martha Stewart Show. However, after five years of blogging, and with the arrival of her third child, Cheri felt the need to concentrate wholly on home life.

Cheri Magill always knew she wanted to write songs for her children, but those songs had never come.  It wasn't until she stepped back from everything else that she began to hear melodies again. She composed a song for each of her children, and this opened the floodgates of melodic inspiration that led to more songs about the joys and challenges, peace and craziness of motherhood. These songs would become the heart of Tour Guide.

Tour Guide will be available for download at digital retailers such as iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, and more. Physical CDs will be available at CDBaby and cherimagillmusic.com. Streaming will be available on Spotify.

I had a chance to interview Cheri to learn more.

What was the inspiration behind this album?
I really felt there was a deep need for music that celebrates motherhood. It’s a topic I feel so strongly about. There are a billion romantic love songs in the world but hardly any that talk about the love of a mother and her child. I remember tiring of the “kid music” I played for my children in the car when they were little, and I wished there was something more to choose from. When I wrote these songs I imagined moms being able to listen to them in the car with their kids. The songs are kid-friendly and even catchy, but the messages were written for mothers.

How does the name "Tour Guide" fit with the journey of motherhood?
My favorite aspect of motherhood is that I get to show my children the world. When motherhood feels overwhelming, this thought helps me regain my passion. I get to show them places, things, and people.  Sometimes it’s bigger things like the Oregon Coast. Sometimes it’s little things like footed pajamas and cookie dough. Sometimes it’s an elderly neighbor whom I deeply admire. I get to help my children see the beauty in everything around them. That makes me feel like this job is the best job in the whole world.

Is this album more for adults or to explain the journey to kids?
I wrote this album for mothers. I think fathers can also enjoy it, and I also really tried to write catchy songs that children would enjoy as well. My own children enjoy the music, and it’s fun to explain the songs to them, but I think they will only fully enjoy it when they become parents themselves. It’s almost like a journal or a documentary of this stage of life to me.

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