Saturday, May 5, 2018

Parenting Pointers: PEAS

PEAS is the one-stop-shop for parents seeking premier guidance in finding the perfect private education institution for their children. Giving advice and working with parents and kids, PEAShelps devise the most lucrative plan of action, and then executes, while remaining a compass for families on the journey from nursery school through 12th grade and into college.

Founded by two former private school admissions officers, Jennifer Brozost and Vimmi Shroff are mothers of children who’ve attended the very schools they now work with, and have co-authored The NYC Private School Admissions Handbook. With the addition of five hand-picked education experts to expand their services and offer even more in-depth knowledge,PEAS is growing. But, more important than growth to it’s founders is the company’s boutique nature and accessibility. PEAS takes pride in a unique hands-on approach, which sets the service well apart from its competitors.

PEAS now includes Harvard Law graduate Adam Nguyen as High School and College Test Prep Consultant, as well as college advisor, and Mark Jerome as Athletic Consultant—a previous coach to several Division 1, 2, and 3 collegiate players. Joelle Soleymani as the Test Prep and Public School Consultant, Antonio Aponte as the Boarding School Admissions Consultant, and Dr. Ami Norris-Brilliant—head of the Center for Pediatric Neuropsychology at Mt. Sinai—leads PEAS’s Neuropsychology Group for testing. This expansion allows Jennifer, Vimmi, and their team to provide unparalleled personal attention to parents and students.

A large part of the company’s business comes from families relocating to Manhattan. And, the world of private education can be daunting to all involved. Vimmi, Jennifer, and their team thrill in getting to know all about a new family’s needs and goals. Ensuring students receive the absolute finest all-around education possible—finding the perfect fit for each child—is the mission behind their vision.

About PEAS
The PEAS Team is comprised of education consultants who help the parents of bright and talented kids in New York City navigate the competitive world of private school admissions. PEAS offers parents more than a helping hand, aiming to guide parents in a warm, caring manner while providing a strong knowledge of the admissions process and how to keep kids on track for a successful school career.

In addition to being experts on the private school application process, both women possess a wealth of knowledge on the education system as a whole. Both Jennifer and Vimmi received their Masters Degrees in Education from Columbia University’s Teachers College and New York University respectively. They utilize their extensive backgrounds studying and working within the education system as they consult with parents on the best plan of action for their child. Throughout the admissions process, Jennifer and Vimmi inform and help parents maintain their sense of humor while keeping up their spirits.

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