Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thrifty Thinking: ZeroWater vs. Bottled Water

There are so many tips out there on how to save money but have you thought about replacing bottled water with an at home water filtration pitcher??
Based on health suggestions on how much water an individual should drink, an average family of four should drink up to 64 ounces per day per person, which is about 2 gallons for the household.  This equates to 16 – 16-ounce plastic water bottles.  That is one huge case of water from Costco EACH DAY!  While bottled water isn’t necessarily expensive, it does add up!  So why not save some money and provide your family clean water!
What is more, a study recently found that 93% of bottled water that was tested contained microplastics which is twice the amount found in tap water.  ZeroWater not only removes microplastics from bottled water and tap water but also is NSF certified to reduce both lead and chromium.
ZeroWater’s filters on average (depending on TDS levels of your tap water) will last for approximate 20 gallons.  So let’s break this down if you do not own a ZeroWater.
     1. TO START: You need a ZeroWater pitcher.  So there is some upfront cost.
     2. Then you would most likely go through a filter 1-2x a month depending on if your family sticks to the 2 gallons per day and if that is always drunk at home. (School, work, outings)

30-Cup ZeroWater Dispenser
$39.99 (Comes with one filter!)

2 Filters per month
$20/month (Cased on buying filters in bulk)

Startup Cost
Maintenance Cost
$20/ month or $240 per year


16-16 ounce bottles per day
Approximately 2/3– 28 bottle case per day!

480 – 16-ounce bottles per month
Approximately 2/3– 28 bottle case per day!

Daily Cost
(Based on Nestle 28 – 16 oz bottles at $3.42) $1.14
Monthly Cost
(Based on Nestle 28 – 16 oz bottles at $3.42) $58.14

Bottled Water

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