Monday, May 21, 2018

Website Spotlight: Paperit

A far cry from the standardized options on offer, Paperit adds a touch of soul and exclusivity to wedding and birth announcements as well as their various types of stationery. Unique creations reflect the vision of selected artists from all over the world on the union of two beings or the birth of a third.
Unlike the endless traditional cards with bland, conformist design and bereft of sense, Paperit aims at uniting aesthetic quality and symbolic depth. Keys to understanding the creation and its meaning are systematically provided by the artists, even though everyone remains free to interpret the artwork their own way since art lies in the eyes of the beholder. Everything is set up so that the announcement perfectly transcends the desired message.

“As a lifelong art aficionado, I quickly understood that the only way to transmit the depth of our emotions upon our children’s birth was to go beyond words thanks to the vision of an accomplished artist”, explains Olivier Mallue, Paperit initiator and co-founder. “Every piece is created upon our request and exclusively distributed by Paperit, which aims to be a genuine gallery, meticulously selecting the designers it collaborates with. The texts themselves are personalized through an editing tool integrated within the website. No specific skill is required while the user-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone to preserve the aesthetic and graphic qualities of the designed pieces.”

Because unique occasions deserve an exclusive design on an exceptional medium, Paperit resorts to the best printing techniques and the most refined types of paper. Developed in collaboration with the different graphic designers, the original formats – between A2 and A3 – highlight what will either mark an upcoming milestone or leave a trace of the past.

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