Monday, June 11, 2018

Book Nook: Forgiving God

I recently had a chance to review Forgiving God: A Story of Faith by Hilary Yancey. I thought it was intriguing from the start - why should we have to forgive a perfect God? But it does make sense - in the face of what can feel like a betrayal from our heavenly Father, it can be hard to overcome the hurt and trust Him again.

The book is powerful, open, and personal. It follows Hilary's faith journey and how her faith is shaken by her son's physical disabilities. Although it will particularly strike a chord with parents of children who have disabilities, it's really appropriate for anyone who feels broken and needs to work on trusting God again.

Hilary Yancey is an author who examines the significance within moments of everyday life. She earnestly and vividly explores the challenges and blessings of marriage, motherhood, and a life of faith–and how these are expanded and changed by disability. Hilary is also a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at Baylor University and lives with her husband, Preston, and two children in Waco, Texas. Her blog can be read at

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