Friday, June 22, 2018

Fun Freetime: ReBoot - The Guardian Code

Somewhere in-between the lazy days of sunshine, hours at the pool, sports activities and summer camp will be the inevitable words that make parents cringe: “I’m bored”. 

Netflix Original Series adventure ReBoot: The Guardian Code is a captivating, entertaining new series for kids that is a sure cure for “I have nothing to do”. The show is an epic live action/CG animated series about four average teenagers who, unbeknownst to them, have been chosen to be the next generation Guardians of Cyberspace.  With the help of Vera, a quirky and endearing artificially intelligent bio-constructed teenage girl, the kids bravely navigate the dangers lurking in cyberspace as they battle against the evil mastermind wreaking havoc known as the Sourcerer. 

Created by Michael Hefferon, ReBoot: The Guardian Code is a mix of live-action scenes with visually stunning CG animation created using the Unreal Game Engine, a first in television. This innovative series delivers a true 360-degree experience for kids with an interactive mobile game that lets them battle alongside their favorite Guardian and experiential videos that transport them to the middle of the cyberspace action. 

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