Saturday, June 16, 2018

Healthy Habits: How Getting Sober Can Make You a Better Mother

Getting sober is a difficult process for anyone, but mothers can find it especially challenging. Parenthood is a stressful, time-consuming part of life, and many mothers turn to alcohol as a means of relieving stress, relaxing, and unwinding. However, if you think that you might have a problem with drinking too much, it's never too late to start thinking about cutting yourself off. Getting sober is good for you for many reasons, but it can also make you a better mother in a lot of ways.

Perhaps one of the most important things about becoming sober for your children is that it models to them that you can have fun without drinking. As your kids get older and ease in to an age where drinking becomes more common, they will have you as an example to show that they don't necessarily need to drink all the time to have a good time with friends. Studies have shown that the relationship that parents have with alcohol can heavily influence the ones that their kids have with alcohol. If you stop drinking altogether or just drink lightly, it will encourage your kids to have a safe and healthy relationship with alcohol in their futures.

A lot of mothers who quit drinking report that they have an easier time doing fun and active things with their kids because they are no longer battling hangovers. Your kids may not be at an age where they fully understand what a hangover is, and even if they do, it does not change the fact that their needs need to be met and you have to be the one to meet them. You will no longer have lazy, groggy mornings and delay doing fun activities with your kids. You will have more energy and a heightened desire go get stuff done when you aren't battling a headache from too much alcohol the night before.

Cutting out or cutting down on drinking also saves lots of money. Alcohol often isn't cheap, especially if you live in a bigger city and like to get your drinks out at a restaurant or bar. Moms can add a lot of extra money to their monthly budget by drinking less, and this can benefit your children in a number of ways. If you are strapped for cash that extra money every month could mean saving up for a family trip, buying new toys or books for your kids, being able to put them in music or art lessons, or even contributing to a college fund. If you have a tendency to drink pretty heavily, you will be shocked by how much extra money is laying around when you quit the habit and get sober.

Drinking less can also mean being more present with your child or children. Many parents use drinking as an escape, and this is fine every once in a while. However, if you decide to get sober, you will likely find that you are able to be more attentive with your children and really be in the moment with them. They will appreciate being the center of your attention and it will help deepen the bond you have with them.

Being sober also sets a good example for your children of healthier ways to cope with the stress and anxiety of life. Kids are very perceptive, and they definitely notice when their parents turn to alcohol right when they get angry or stressed out. You don't want your child emulating this in their own lives as they get older. Showing them healthier ways to relax and enjoy themselves is a more thoughtful and responsible way to parent.

Ultimately, the road to getting sober is rarely an easy one. However, it is an important and rewarding journey to take. With the "wine mom" culture so rampant, it can be hard not to partake a little bit. Drinking is such a common aspect of socializing. This is okay. Mothers should not feel like they can never unwind with the occasional drink. This is perfectly healthy and normal. As you can see, though, sobering up to a certain extent is a great way to become a better mother to your children.

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